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3380618077 e5d7c1c69b 300x275 Alaunt   Sheperd dog

Male mastiff – kind of the Alaunt dog type

is often thought of as an extinct breed of dogs, however the Alaunt is not a breed, it is a type of dog also known as Mastiff. A number of modern dog breeds are believed directly descended from the Alaunt.

adult03 Alaunt   Sheperd dog

Alaunt is in the blood of the Mastiff

The original Alaunt is

thought to have resembled a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. They were large, short coated dogs of varying type. The Alaunt was bred by the Alani tribes, the nomads of Indo-European Sarmatian ancestry who spoke an Indo-Iranian language.

 Alaunt   Sheperd dog

Alaunt dog is accient breed, which nowadays is smaller, but still brave

The Alans were known as superb warriors, herdsmen, and breeders of horses and dogs. The Alans bred their dogs for work and had developed different strains within the breed for specific duties.

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