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Finnish Lapphund breed

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The Finnish Lapphund

is a hardy, easy going, medium-size breed of Spitz type. Traditionally it has been used for herding reindeer. Although it is one of the most popular dog breeds in its native country, Finland, it is not very numerous outside of the Nordic countries. The breed standard is 46 to 52 centimetres (18 to 20 in) at the withers for a male, and a slightly smaller 41 to 47 centimetres (16 to 19 in) for a female. However, some variation is allowed, since the breed standard states that the type is more important than the size.

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A Finnish Lapphund puppy

A typical male of 49 cm height normally weighs 17 to 19 kilograms (37 to 42 lb), but the breed has a weight range of 15–24 kg 15 to 24 kilograms (33 to 53 lb), depending on size of the dog. The wide variety of colors and markings in Finnish Lapphunds. A wide variety of colors are found in the breed. Any color is allowed in the breed standard, although a single color should predominate. Almost any color can be found: white, black, red, brown, sable and wolf-sable are frequently seen. One of the most common color combination’s is black and tan: a predominantly black dog with tan legs and face.Finnish Lapphund is lovely dog.

finnishlapphund top 300x161 Finnish Lapphund

Two adults and a puppy from Finnish Lapphund breed

Many Finnish Lapphunds have very distinctive facial markings. One of the unusual facial markings is “spectacles”, where a ring of lighter colored hair around the eyes gives the impression that the dog is wearing spectacles. The spectacles of the Finnish Lapphund, while reminiscent of their cousins, the Keeshond, are larger and more pronounced. The Finnish Lapphund is a very intelligent and active breed. Finnish Lapphunds take well to training due to their intelligence. Some owners and fanciers claim that “Lappies” even have the ability to think through actions first. Although small in number worldwide, a noticeable number of Finnish Lapphunds have excelled in activities such as obedience trials, agility, herding trials, and pet therapy.

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