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Hokkaido Inu is

Hokkaido dog pictures 2 300x238 Hokkaido Inu

Pretty male Hokkaido Inu adult

Japanese dog is with medium sized body with weight between 45 and 65 pounds and a height 18 to 22 inches tall. It’s not recommended to get Hokkaido Inu and stay to living it in an apartament or other urban living. The breed loves a large yard, huge space, where it able to run and feel really happy. Daily walks are also needed.  The strong muscular structure and thick coat protect them from cold elements, so can easily remain outdoors some of the time.

624366075 300x200 Hokkaido Inu

A Hokkaido Inu puppy

The family and human as whole for Hokkaido Inu is vital.

Even though the dog might seem docile and meek, a pack leader is necessary to enjoy this dog breed as a family pet. Grooming should begin as a puppy to introduce hygiene to your Inu with weekly brushing. The most get colors of the Inu’s coat are sesame, wolf gray , red, white, brown or brindle.

Hokkaido dog pictures 300x222 Hokkaido Inu

Pretty female face – Hokkaido Inu breed of dog

The temper of the dog is suspicious and alert, making this a trusted watch dog. Early introduction of the Hokkaido Inu to children in the family is needed for social interaction to be safely accomplished. The hunting abilities suggest the need for confinement as a pet since the working abilities will take over if left to roam free with other animals and dogs as well.

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