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Sapsali is

Sapsali Sapsali

Sapsali male adult

medium body sized shaggy dog, which roots comes from Korea. The Sapsali take its name from the Korean gae (meaning “dog”) or the suffix ee/i, but is most commonly romanized as “Sapsaree“. Traditionally, these dogs were believed to dispel ghosts and evil spirits. Sapsaree, just like Korean Jindo dog, is designated as a National Treasure (No.368) in 1992 by the Korean Government.

sapsali4 300x198 Sapsali

Little cute Sapsali puppies

Sapsali is

medium sized and slightly longer than tall. Their adult coat is long and abundant, and comes in various colors including solid and/or mixed shades of black, golden yellowish-blonde, reddish-orange, browns, and salt-and-pepper greys. Their hair falls over the eyes in the same manner as that of the Old English Sheepdog.

sapsali05 Sapsali

Adult Sapsali – male and female

Although Sapsaree resemble herding dogs, they appear to have been bred exclusively as house dogs; their ‘work’ is spiritual rather than physical. Male: 50–58 cm (20-23 in) / 18–28 kg (40-62 lbs). Female: 48–55 cm (19-22 in) / 16–25 kg (35-55 lbs)

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