South Russian Ovcharka,

SouthRussianOvtcharkaDianeSariByelkJHD South Russian Ovcharka

A male South Russian Ovcharka adult

also known as a Ukrainian Ovcharka, or South Russian Sheepdog, is a huge dog with long coat, about 12 cm long, and white of the color. The origins of the unique breed is not yet known from the specs. But in one they all are agreed, and this is that the ancestors of the Ovcharka are lived in the Crimea region between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The tall of the dogs is about 36 inches and it has a long head, with dangling, small, triangular ears. Its coat consists of long, usually white (although sometimes white with yellow, or with shades of grey), thick coarse hair, that is bushy and slightly wavy. An undemanding dog, it can adapt to most weather conditions.

SOUTHRUSSIANOVTCHARKApupsDxY 300x198 South Russian Ovcharka

South Russian Ovcharka puppies

The South Russian Ovcharka

has strong body structure, robus and lean, and good developed musculature. The length of the coat is about 4-6 inches (10–15 cm), coarse, thick and dense. It is of equal length on head, chest, legs and tail, with a well developed undercoat. The coat colors are most often white but also white and yellow, straw color, grayish (ashen gray) and other shades of gray; white lightly marked with gray, gray speckled. The head is an elongated shape with a moderately broad forehead; the occipital crest and the zeugmatic arches are strongly pronounced.

Tamara 010608 010b 300x225 South Russian Ovcharka

An adult female South Russian Ovcharka

The South Russian Ovcharka is not for everyone. This very large breed can be dominant, wary of strangers, and is very lively making him difficult to care for. It is a great guardian breed however and would do well guarding cattle or flocks of sheep. The South Russian Ovcharka is a dog of robust constitution, of above average size; it is fierce and distrustful of strangers, not very demanding and can adapt easily to diverse climatic conditions and temperatures.

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